Valve releases 2021 Dota 2 Battle Pass, includes Spectre Arcana, Davion Dragon Knight Persona, and Nemestice event



Valve has officially launched the 2021 Dota 2 Battle Pass and released details about the Summer Nemestice event, along with showing off the Arcana bundle for Spectre and a new persona for Dragon Knight. 

The 2021 Battle Pass will cost $7.49 for players looking to start at level one, with level bundles available for purchase too. None of the proceeds for this Battle Pass will be put towards The International 10, which already has a more than $40 prize pool from the 2020 Battle Pass. 

Players will need to raise their Battle Level to unlock rewards, either by participating in matches, completing objectives, or purchasing Battle Pass levels directly. These rewards include new Immortal Treasures, a Dragon Knight Persona, the Spectre Arcana, and more. 

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The Spectre Arcana has been something fans have wanted for almost a full year now, with the hero having won The International 10 Dota 2 Arcana Vote. It is based on a cursed set of armor, with a second unlockable style, custom animations, more than 500 new voice lines, and more. 

You can unlock the Phantom Ascension alternate style by earning a Mega Kill streak in 100 different games, and it does not need to be done during the duration of the 2021 Battle Pass. 

Dragon Knight is also getting a unique persona based on the Netflix anime, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. The Davion-themed set will unlock over time, with a broken sword, helmet, and pauldrons all being rewarded as players level up the Battle Pass. 

Image via Valve

As for Nemestice, the event will have players collect “smoldering fragments from the crashing meteorites” that can boost player’s abilities and alters the base gameplay of Dota. There is also a Cavern Crawl event too! There will also be weekly quests to earn Battle Points and new Dota Assistant features added. 

Like with previous Battle Pass content, players can expect to see things like Treasures, Chat Wheels, Seasonal Effects, Emoticons, Sprays, and River Vials as rewards in the coming months, too. 

And this is not the only Battle Pass that will be released this year, with another one coming later that will feature more new content, according to Dota 2 everyman Wykrhm Reddy.


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