Plenty of additional time, more power to referees & much more: The Premier League rule changes set to kick in this season

Arlo Gibbons


The upcoming 2023-24 English Premier League season will see several changes aimed at increasing efficiency and maintaining discipline during matches. Some of the key changes include an increase in the amount of additional time played at the end of each half, with up to 10 minutes added per game and the possibility of 100-minute matches becoming the norm. This decision has been met with criticism from players, such as Manchester United defender Raphael Varane, who believe it will lead to an excessive workload and potential harm to players’ physical and mental well-being.

Referees will also receive more power, with the abandonment of the rudimentary rule of thumb in adding on injury time. Instead, they will now add on a precise amount of time that is lost due to play stopping and restarting for goals and substitutions. Referees will also be empowered to take action against those who deliberately delay the resumption of play.

There will be an increased emphasis on injuries, with players being asked to leave the field of play for treatment when appropriate. The multi-ball system, introduced last season for the first time, will be retained with nine balls positioned around the pitch, in addition to the one in play.

Another change is that fans in the stadium will be informed about how much additional time is being played, with clocks continuing to run after the 45 and 90-minute mark. Additionally, players who confront referees or show disrespect will face greater disciplinary action. They can be booked for confronting an official, invading the referee’s personal space, or showing disrespect. If two or more players confront an official, they will also be booked and reported to the Football Association. Managers will not be permitted to enter the pitch at half-time or full-time to confront an official.

Overall, these changes are aimed at improving the flow and fairness of matches in the Premier League. However, there have been concerns raised by players about the increased workload and potential negative effects on their well-being. It remains to be seen how these changes will impact the upcoming season and whether they will achieve their desired goals.


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