Simon Jordan and Jim White in stitches as Newcastle fan calls Michael Owen ‘a helmet’ live on air

Arlo Gibbons


Simon Jordan and Jim White were left in stitches after a Newcastle fan told them exactly what he thought of Michael Owen.

There is no love lost for the former striker on Tyneside – so it was proven on talkSPORT on Thursday.

Michael Owen scored 26 goals in 71 Premier League appearances for Newcastle – but there’s no love for him from the Magpies faithfulGetty Images – Getty

So, here’s the story – Newcastle fans have been left royally ticked off after receiving a survey by the club.

One of the questions of the survey was if they would ever consider leaving their St James’ Park fortress in favour of a state-of-the-art modern arena funding by their mega-rich Saudi owners.

It’s claimed the club are working with the firm who are behind AC Milan and Inter Milan’s move away from their famous shared San Siro home, and Magpies chiefs are keen to garner fan opinion on a similar switch.

Tottenham and Arsenal have left their historic grounds behind over the last 20 years – moves which have enabled the north London rivals to boost revenues and keep both clubs growing on and off the pitch.

But Newcastle? The answer appears to be an emphatic ‘NO’.

But poor Owen, the conversation eventually swung in his direction… and it was not kind.

Asked if he wants to move from St James’ to a new modern ground, Toon supporter Andrew called into the White and Jordan show to say: “No, absolutely no chance!

“We’ve got the best atmosphere in the county. You’ve only got to look at other grounds in the country – Spurs, West Ham, Man City, aye you can get a pint glass that fills up from the bottom, but the atmosphere is dead!

The talkSPORT duo were left in stitches by the Newcastle fan’s comment about Michael OwentalkSPORT

“We’ve got the best atmosphere in the country. Spurs modelled their new stand on the yellow wall at Borussia Dortmund – we played there a few weeks ago and the atmosphere is nowhere near that, and it’s nowhere near what it is at St James’ Park, either.

“We’re a working Man’s club. We go and have a few pints with the lads before and after the game, we don’t need to go into the ground two hours early to watch a singer or somebody doing kick-ups on the pitch. 

“There’s no way I’d want to move onto a new ground – it’s the heart of the City!”

After making his opinion quite clear, Andrew then had a bone to pick with Mr White…

He said: “Jim, can I just say something quickly to you?”

“Oh God,” Jim replied, with trepidation in his voice.

He went on: “The day we signed Michael Owen, I met you on the stage.

Newcastle<a href= United broke their transfer record to sign Michael Owen from Real Madrid in 2005, for a £17m fee” width=”700″ height=”420″>Newcastle fans were delighted to bring England star Owen to St James’ in 2005… but that sentiment didn’t last longgetty

“I gave you my shirt and I said to you, ‘Will you get him to sign that?’ You then actually signed it yourself, instead of Michael Owen.

“But I’d just like to say thank you, mate, because the Man’s a helmet.”

Which left both White and Jordan laughing out loud.

Poor Michael.


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