Market value updates: BVB biggest winners – Salzburg and Fenerbahce in top 15

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Real Madrid drops significantly 

After the first quarter of the season, the market value updates have been completed in Europe’s top leagues. Among the teams with the biggest gain in squad value is a German Bundesliga side. Borussia Dortmund were the biggest winners around the world as they now have the second most valuable player in the world in Erling Haaland (€150m)

BVB & Bayer in Top-5: Clubs with biggest market value increase in the fall of 2021

BVB, Fenerbahce & Co.: The teams …

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… that have seen the biggest increase in squad value during the fall of 2021

21 AC Milan | Increase: €9.8m

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From €466.9m to €476.7m

20 Crystal Palace | Increase: €10m

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From €239.4m to €249.4m

19 Feyenoord | Increase: €10.5m

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From €101.3m to €111.8m

18 FC Copenhagen | Increase: €10.6m

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From €36.8m to €47.4m

17 FC Metz | Increase: €11m

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From €88.1m to €99.1m

16 Dinamo Moscow | Increase: €11.2m


From €71m to €82.2m

15 Atlético Mineiro | Increase: €11.4m

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From €87m to €98.4m

14 Fenerbahce | Increase: €12.5m

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From €114.3m to €126.8m

13 FC Southampton | Increase: €13.9m

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From €241.3m to €255.2m

12 Athletic Bilbao | Increase: €14m

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From €188.3m to €202.3m

11 Arsenal | Increase: €15m

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From €548.5m to €563.5m

10 Villarreal | Increase: €15.5m

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From €318.9m to €334.4m

9 Club Brugge | Increase: €16.5m

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From €150.3m to €166.8m

8 AS Monaco | Increase: €17.7m

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From €350.9m to €368.6m

7 Stade Rennais | Increase: €17.9m

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From €189.6m to €203m

6 AS Roma | Increase: €19.5m

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Von 418,3 Mio. auf 429,8 Mio. €

5 Red Bull Salzburg | Increase: €21.8m

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From €130.6m to €152.4m

4 Manchester City | Increase: €25m

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From €1.052 billion to €1.077 billion

3 Brentford | Increase: €33.5m

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From €166.4m to €199.9m

2 Bayer Leverkusen | Increase: €34m

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From €352.7m to €386.7m

1 BVB | Increase: €38.4m

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From €565.5m to €603.9m

The Black and Yellows saw their squad value increase by €38.4 million, enough to pass Italian sides Inter Milan and Juventus in the world ranking. Those two clubs, together with Real Madrid, are the biggest losers. In Bayer Leverkusen (+€38m), a second Bundesliga team directly follows Borussia Dortmund in the ranking of the biggest winners of the recent update. Leverkusen benefitted from the fact that top talents Florian Wirtz and Moussa Diaby saw significant upgrades. The Werkself made up several places in the ranking and, with a squad value of €386.75m are now in the top 25. 

Squad values: Man City increase gap at the top – Bayern, PSG & Co drop 

The Premier League had the most teams with increased squad values in the top ranking. The English first division has six teams among the list of the biggest squad value winners. The EPL is followed by France’s Ligue 1, which has three teams among the biggest winners. Manchester City is at the very top; the club has increased its market value to €1.08 billion after Jack Grealish, who was the most expensive transfer this season, saw its market value increase significantly (€100m). 

Man City remain the only team with a market value of more than one billion. The English club is followed by Paris Saint-Germain (€990.2m) and Manchester United (€907.25m); both those clubs saw a significant drop in squad value and, as a result, the gap at the top has grown. More than half of the teams in the top 10 have seen their squad value drop, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and their city rivals Atlético

Real, Bayern & Co.: The clubs with the biggest squad value drop (Fall 2021)

Bayern, Real Madrid & Co.: The teams …

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… that have seen the biggest drop in squad value in the fall of 2021.

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From €997.2m to €990.2m

17 RB Leipzig | Drop: €8m

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From €505.5m to €497.5m

16 Atlético Madrid | Drop: €9.3m

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From €755.2 to €745.9m

15 Werder Bremen | Drop: €10.6m

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From €53.9m to €43.5m

14 UD Levante | Drop: €12.2m

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From €112.5m to €100.3m

13 Bayern Munich | Drop: €12.4m

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From €852.9m to €840.5m

12 Olympique Marseille | Drop: €12.5m

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From €262.9m to €250.3m

11 Liverpool | Drop: €13m

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From €879.5m to €866.5m

10 Olympique Lyon | Drop: €13.2m

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From €348.5m to €335.3m

9 Sevilla | Drop: €13.5m

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From €429.4m to €415.9m

8 Hertha Berlin | Drop: €15m

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From €137m to €122m

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From €326.6m to €311.3m

6 Borussia Mönchengladbach | Drop: €28.5m

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From €300m to €271.5m

5 Manchester United | Drop: €30m

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From €937.2m to €907.2m

4 Eintracht Frankfurt | Drop: €30.8m

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From €231.2m to €200.4m

2 Juventus | Drop: €37.5m

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From €640.4m to €602.9m

2 Real Madrid | Drop: €37.5m

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Von 793,5 auf 756 Mio. €

1 Inter Milan | Drop: €47.4m

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Von 573,3 auf 525,9 Mio. €

The big drop in squad value is due to Christian Eriksen’s market value not being counted until it is clear whether the Dane can continue his career.

Among the teams that have seen the biggest increase in squad value are also teams from smaller leagues. Copenhagen, for example, saw their squad value increase by 28.8% to now €47.4 million (+€10.6m). Red Bull Salzburg saw their squad value increase by 16.6% (+€21.8m to €152,4m), a big part of that was due to Karim Adeyemi—his market value has been doubled to €20 million. Der Serienmeister is, therefore, among the top five of the biggest squad value winners. Also in the top 15 are Fenerbahce. The Turkish club saw their squad value increase from €114.3 million to €126.8 million. 




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