“Manchester City’s Jérémy Doku Joins Prestigious Assists Club While Grealish Faces Struggles”

By FPL360


Manchester City had an emphatic win over Bournemouth, with Jérémy Doku, a €60 million valued player, being the star of the show. His performance included assisting four goals and scoring one himself, making him the eighth player in Premier League history to achieve this feat. Doku has been able to break into the Manchester City team and gain his manager’s trust due to his skill in manipulating the pitch and beating his opponents. He is also showing a high level of end-product, with three goals and the most assists per 90 minutes in the league.

Doku’s journey to Manchester City began at the Anderlecht academy before moving to Stade Rennais in Ligue 1, where he demonstrated impressive dribbling ability. According to Ronan Caroff, an expert from Transfermarkt, Doku’s decision making and efficiency has significantly improved since his early years. Manchester City‘s manager, Pep Guardiola, saw enough potential in Doku to bring him to the team.

Doku’s success has placed him on the list of the top 20 most valuable Premier League wingers, where he is currently valued at €60 million. In contrast, Jack Grealish, who was benched in the game against Bournemouth, is valued at €75 million. Doku has demonstrated his capability on the pitch and has been able to gain Guardiola’s trust, which allowed him to have more game time compared to Grealish.

In summary, Jérémy Doku’s performance in the game against Bournemouth has exhibited his immense potential, with his ability to assist and score goals making him a star player for Manchester City. His journey from Anderlecht to becoming one of the most valuable wingers in the Premier League is a testament to his talent and potential for future success.


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