José Cifuentes: Unveiling the Rising Star with the Elements of Caicedo and Pogba

By FPL360


José Cifuentes has officially left LAFC and joined Scottish football club Rangers FC. The 23-year-old Ecuadorian midfielder is considered one of the best players in Major League Soccer (MLS) and was sold to Rangers for around $1.5 million. Cifuentes had been pushing for a transfer for some time, and Rangers beat out other British teams like Brighton for his signature.

LAFC signed Cifuentes from Ecuadorian club Universidad Católica in January 2020 for just €2.73 million. Since then, his market value has grown to €12 million, making him the most valuable player in LAFC’s squad and one of the ten most valuable players in MLS overall. Cifuentes’ potential and growth as a player have attracted interest from clubs like Lecce, Celtic, Porto, and the City Football Group.

Cifuentes is often used in multiple roles at LAFC, including the number 10 role, and is described as a box-to-box midfielder with a good shot and strong defensive skills. He is compared to Paul Pogba in terms of playing style and has the ability to impact games in the later stages. While his goal and assist numbers may not be spectacular, Cifuentes contributes significantly to his team in other ways, such as shifting the game and making key passes.

Although Cifuentes has expressed a desire to play in the Premier League, his move to Rangers could be a stepping stone towards fulfilling that dream. Newcastle United and Brighton have previously shown interest in him, and his time in Scotland could help him gain visibility and attract offers from top-flight English clubs. Cifuentes is seen as a player with great potential and room to grow, with a current Goalimpact rating of 112.7 and a potential peak impact of 120.9.

Overall, Cifuentes’ move to Rangers is seen as a major coup for the Scottish club and a sign of his talent and potential. LAFC will also make a significant transfer profit regardless of whether he moves to the Premier League or stays at Rangers. Time will tell how Cifuentes’ career progresses, but he is expected to continue working hard to fulfill his dreams and reach his full potential as a top-level player.


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