FPL Gameweek 16: Captain picks, Haaland, Salah or Son?


Welcome back to another exciting Gameweek of Fantasy Premier League (FPL)! As we approach Gameweek 16, the captaincy decision seems to be a tough one between Erling Haaland and Mohamed Salah. Haaland will be facing Luton Town away, while Salah and Liverpool will be up against Crystal Palace. In this article, we will analyze the captaincy metrics and underlying numbers of these top contenders, along with insights on their respective teams’ performances and fixture difficulties

Underlying Numbers of the Captain Picks

When it comes to underlying numbers, Haaland stands out as the top pick. He has recorded an impressive 23 Shots Inside the Box (SiB), 13 Big Chances (BC), and an Expected Goals (xG) total of 6.59 over the last six matches. Salah, on the other hand, has 11 SiB, 8 BC, and an xG of 3.65 during the same period. While Haaland leads in attacking stats, Salah has created 15 chances, placing him second in that category among the five players. Palmer, Son, and Saka also have their own strengths and contributions in terms of SiB, BC, and xG.

Underlying Numbers of the Teams

In terms of team performance, Manchester City boasts the best underlying numbers over the last six matches. They have recorded 63 SiB, 23 BC, and an xG of 13.40, making them a formidable force in attack. Chelsea follows closely behind with 55 SiB, 23 BC, and an xG of 13.25. Liverpool and Arsenal also have strong underlying numbers, while Tottenham Hotspur lags behind with 47 SiB, 9 BC, and an xG of 7.25.

Fixture Difficulty

Considering the fixture difficulty, Manchester City is expected to have a high chance of scoring goals in Gameweek 16. They have a 93% probability of scoring at least one goal and a 60% probability of scoring more than two goals. Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, and Chelsea also have favorable fixtures with decent chances of finding the back of the net.

Erling Haaland appears to be the standout choice for the captain’s armband in Gameweek 16. However, managers should also consider the strengths and potential of other top contenders like Salah, Son, Palmer, and Saka when making their final decision.

Remember, FPL is a game of uncertainties, and it’s crucial to analyze all available information and trust your instincts when selecting your captain. Good luck with your Gameweek 16 decisions!

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