“Bellingham’s Blazing Start: Unpacking Real Madrid’s Newest Goal-scoring Sensation’s Remarkable Four Goals in Three Games”

By FPL360


Real Madrid’s recent signing, Jude Bellingham, has quickly established himself as a reliable goalscorer for the team. In just three league games, Bellingham has already scored four goals and provided one assist. This has made him a standout player for Madrid, even though he primarily plays in midfield.

There are two key factors that have contributed to Bellingham’s success as a goalscorer. Firstly, Madrid no longer have a traditional striker like Karim Benzema, which has created more space for midfielders like Bellingham to make runs and contribute in front of goal. This has allowed Bellingham to take advantage of the freedom and opportunities presented to him.

Secondly, Bellingham’s time at Borussia Dortmund saw him evolve into more of an attacking player. Over his three seasons at Dortmund, his tendency to dribble and take shots increased significantly. In fact, in his final season in the Bundesliga, Bellingham completed the most dribbles and ranked tenth in total shots among all players in the league. This development has made him more comfortable and confident in taking on goalscoring opportunities.

As a result, Bellingham has proven to be a natural fit for the no.10 role or even as a second striker for Madrid. His ability to find space, make runs, and contribute in front of goal has made him a valuable asset for the team. Madrid fans are delighted with his performances and are excited about his future with the club.

Overall, Bellingham’s success as a goalscorer can be attributed to the space created by the absence of a traditional striker and his evolution into a more attacking player during his time at Dortmund. This has allowed him to have the confidence and skill to step up for Madrid and contribute in front of goal. With his promising performances, Bellingham has quickly become a key player for the Spanish giants.


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