Omar Megeed: Youngest HSV player of all time has “impressive presence”

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Omar Megeed: Youngest HSV player of all time has “impressive presence”


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16 years, 11 months and 25 days – that is the record of the youngest Hamburger SV player ever. Omar Megeed set this mark last August, when he came on in the last minute of a 2-0 win at Bielefeld. A short time later, a metatarsal fracture put him out of action for several months, and he only recently made his comeback for the U-19 side. However, he still has to wait for another appearance for the first team. The fact that this seems to be only a matter of time is also due to the fact that head coach Tim Walter tends to give talented players a chance. In the current season, four players have made their debuts.

“The boys who are there now are all staying in the first team,” Walter said of youngsters Leo Oppermann, Valon Zumberi, Bent Andresen, Tom Sanne and Megeed after a trip to the USA in November. “They have really recommended themselves. Omar is totally grounded, he is always motivasted, always listening to everyone and soaking up everything. He is a great kid.” According to Transfermarkt user and HSV fan 7zidan7, Megeed is “a physically strong attacking player who has an impressive presence not only because of his body. He is a decent finisher, has great technique and a good understanding of the game.” In addition, Megeed is very versatile, able to play on the left flank as well as in central midfield and up front.

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One person who knows Megeed well is former HSV youth coach Tobias Kurbjuweit. The 39-year-old, currently working with Hertha BSC’s youth teams, coached the talent in the U-17s. “Omar plays very cleverly, sometimes cheekily and is a creative attacking player who is a good finisher and has great pace with and without the ball,” Kurbjuweit said. The youth coach elaborates that Megeed has many skills on and off the pitch that most coaches at the professional level would appreciate.

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