“From Rags to Riches: Arsenal’s Remarkable Journey to Creating the World’s Second Most Valuable Squad”

By FPL360


In recent years, Arsenal has experienced significant improvement on and off the pitch, resulting in them becoming the second most valuable squad in European football, with a combined market value of €1.09 billion. This puts them second only to Manchester City in terms of squad value. Over the past three years, Arsenal has seen their market value increase by 82%, the highest increase among any Premier League club. This growth has been driven by a combination of significant investment in new players and the development of their existing squad.

In terms of financial investment, Arsenal has spent €680 million on transfer fees over the past three seasons, the third-highest in European football. However, their net spend on transfer fees stands at €537 million, indicating that they have also generated significant income from player sales. This level of investment has been crucial in acquiring talented players and improving the overall quality of the squad.

However, it is not just financial investment that has contributed to Arsenal‘s rise in value. The team’s performance under manager Mikel Arteta has played a significant role. Since taking over as head coach in December 2019, Arteta has overseen the development of Arsenal‘s key players, leading to their increased market value. Seven of the top ten players whose market values have improved the most under Arteta have done so due to their improved performances on the pitch.

This improvement in player performance is reinforced by the fact that Arsenal‘s squad as a whole has seen a rise in value since Arteta’s tenure began. The players’ improved performances have translated into increased market value, reflecting the progress made by the club under Arteta’s guidance. This suggests that Arteta’s coaching methods and tactical approach have had a positive impact on the development of Arsenal‘s players.

Overall, Arsenal‘s rise to become the second most valuable squad in European football is the result of a combination of factors. Significant financial investment in new players has been essential, but equally important has been the development of the existing squad under the guidance of Mikel Arteta. Arsenal‘s success on the pitch and the subsequent increase in market value highlight the club’s effective strategy both on and off the pitch. With their improved squad, Arsenal now finds themselves competing with some of the richest clubs in European football, a testament to their progress in recent years.


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