CAF probes Cameroon FA boss Samuel Eto’o for alleged improper conduct

Arlo Gibbons


The Confederation of African Football (CAF) is currently investigating allegations of inappropriate conduct by Samuel Eto’o Fils, the president of the Cameroon football federation. CAF received reports from stakeholders alleging these offenses but did not provide specific details about them, except to describe them as serious. CAF emphasized that Eto’o should be considered innocent until proven guilty by a judicial body. They also stated that further announcements would only be made after the investigations concluded.

These accusations against Eto’o come amidst a growing number of complaints about his lack of accountability as the head of football governance in Cameroon. There have been claims of match-fixing involving Eto’o and the president of a tier-two club, which supposedly helped the club gain promotion to the top-tier championship. Eto’o and the club president deny the veracity of the audio evidence supporting these allegations. Additionally, Eto’o has been accused of damaging the international careers of certain national team players, such as Andre Onana of Manchester United. Onana was allegedly asked to leave the Cameroon national team during the World Cup in Qatar for disrespecting the coach’s instructions, but many believe it was Eto’o who forced him out. Eto’o refuted these claims and suspended the accuser, Quan, from Fecafoot’s executive committee.

The investigation into Eto’o’s alleged misconduct reflects a growing concern about the lack of transparency and integrity within football governance in Cameroon. These accusations are serious and could have significant consequences for Eto’o and the future of football in the country. CAF’s commitment to a thorough investigation is commendable, as it demonstrates a desire to address these issues and maintain the integrity of the sport.

The outcome of this investigation will likely have a lasting impact on Eto’o’s reputation and the credibility of football governance in Cameroon. If he is found guilty of misconduct, it could lead to his removal from his role as the president of the Cameroon football federation and could have legal ramifications. Furthermore, it could prompt a wider examination of the state of football governance in Cameroon and potentially result in reforms to increase accountability and transparency.

Overall, the investigation into Samuel Eto’o Fils and the accusations of misconduct highlight the need for improved governance and integrity within African football. The outcome of this investigation will be eagerly anticipated, as it could have significant implications for Eto’o, football in Cameroon, and the wider continent.


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