When will the Jadon Sancho FIFA 21 Man United FUT card release?

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Jadon Sancho’s move to Manchester United is the biggest deal of the summer transfer window so far, and it’s left FIFA fans wondering whether they’ll be able to use the player in-game. The most popular mode, Ultimate Team, constantly updates its roster of cards. This means a Sancho Man United card could certainly be on the cards.

What is the Jadon Sancho FIFA 21 Man United FUT card release date?


At the moment, we don’t know if EA Sports will release a Jadon Sancho Manchester United FUT card. Usually, players that switch clubs during the summer transfer window don’t receive their upgraded cards until the next game. That might mean that you won’t get your hands on a Sancho Man United card until later this year, when FIFA 22 releases.

There have been instances in the past where a summer transfer has made its way into the current FIFA game. Last year’s big deal was German striker Timo Werner, who moved to English club Chelsea. When that went through, EA released a special Werner card for players to earn. They also released base versions of Werner in the Chelsea team. Therefore, it’s not off the cards. Jadon Sancho is one of EA’s main FIFA ambassadors, even appearing in the FIFA menus, and promotional material for FIFA 20. Therefore, don’t be surprised if we see his United card in the game.

We can guarantee, though, that there will be a Sancho Manchester United card in FIFA 22. If it appears in FIFA 21, it remains to be seen. However, with his affiliation to EA, it’s not out of the question. Only time will tell, but if not, you’ll definitely be able to add him to your Premier League squads in FIFA 22.

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