PUMA & Porsche combine to launch KING Platinum 911 Legacy boot

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PUMA and Porsche have extended their partnership into the world of football after launching their limited edition KING Platinum 911 Legacy boot.

Dating back to 1968, the PUMA KING is an all-time classic football boot, worn by icons of the game including Johan Cruyff, Pele and Diego Maradona. Neymar is the latest superstar to join this illustrious list, currently plying his trade in PUMA KING boots for Brazil and PSG.

Dating back to 1964, the Porsche 911 is an all-time classic sports car. The two esteemed designers have combined once more to release a pair of football boots inspired by the iconic car.

The boots are part of a Porsche - PUMA collaboration
The boots are part of a Porsche – PUMA collaboration | PUMA

Just 911 pairs of the KING Platinum 911 Legacy have been released in a striking ‘poppy red’ – one of the famous colours of the Porsche 911 – complete with white trimmings and a snug knitted tongue.

Beyond the colour scheme, the boot design features subtle nods to the Porsche 911, with the Porsche logo on the outstep of the boot and the 911 numbering inscribed on the heel.

“The icons of fast are back at it again,” PUMA said. “The new, limited-edition, highly engineered boot has the latest in performance technology. The super-soft K-Leather upper is enhanced with 3D touch texture and PUMA exclusive Lazertouch technology for refined touch and feel on the ball.

The boots are inspired by the Porsche 911
The boots are inspired by the Porsche 911 | PUMA

“The fit is enhanced with a snug knitted tongue and the ultra-modern slim silhouette combined
with the super lightweight ‘RAPIDSPRINT’ outsole make the PUMA KING Platinum 911 Legacy
the fastest and lightest PUMA KING ever.”

The PUMA x Porsche design collection emphasises style, comfort and innovation in a forever faster world. PUMA has a history of teaming up with motorsports brands, having previously collaborated with BMW, Ducati and Ferrari.

The PUMA KING Platinum 911 Legacy boots are available from 11 February on PUMA.com and at leading football retailers worldwide.

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