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Long before performance analysis became such a fundamental part of the Premier League scene, David Moyes had a system of his own. On the wall of his office at Everton’s old Bellefield training ground in the 2000s, he had a colour-coded wall chart with four different felt-tip pens to grade each player’s performance in every game.

Any time players — or indeed journalists — found themselves in Moyes’s office, their eyes would be drawn to the chart, trying to crack the code. There were times in his second full season when erratic performances left the chart looking more like a Jackson Pollock but over the years that followed, the picture became more settled, the number of green and yellow squares (or was it blue?) a testimony to his team’s stability and consistency.

We can obsess about how many passes teams play or how many chances they create or restrict the opposition to, but Moyes always felt that, as a manager, he could evaluate a…

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