How To Complete The Premier League POTM Miguel Almiron SBC in FIFA 23 (October 2022)

Arlo Gibbons
Arlo Gibbons
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Newcastle United star Miguel Almiron’s Player of the month SBC is one of the most straightforward in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team to complete this year

The latest Premier League Player of the Month was recently voted for by the public with Newcastle United‘s Miguel Almiron taking the honor and earning a promotional card in FIFA 23. Each month the winning players from the major football leagues are given an upgraded card in Ultimate Team that gamers can add to their club by completing a Squad Building Challenge group. The Newcastle star has had a fantastic October as the Magpies continued their climb up the table earning an upgraded card.


Squad Building Challenges allow players to trade in sets of unwanted players for packs and promotional cards such as Player Of The Month stars or Heroes. Almiron’s updated card sees the Paraguayan given an 85 rating with great versatility. The card’s default position is right wing, but with an item can be converted to right midfield, centre midfield, or attacking midfield, meaning it will fit perfectly across Premier League teams. Almiron’s overall rating is up seven, with pace up seven to 93, and thanks to some brilliant goals in October a shooting stat up 11 to 82.

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How To Earn The POTM Miguel Almiron Card

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To earn the Newcastle wingers promotional card players will need to submit two squads to complete the group. One is a standard squad, with the second being based on the Premier League. However, for a Player Of The Month SBC the requirements are much easier and cheaper than normal, with a projected cost of 80,000 coins if players are buying two teams from scratch. Completing SBC’s are one of the key tips and tricks for beginner players in Ultimate Team on FIFA 23.

Top Form
  • Minimum One Team Of The Week Player
  • Minimum Team Rating 84
Small Gold Players Pack
Premier League
  • Minimum One Player From the Premier League
  • Minimum Team Rating 85
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

If players have taken untradeable rewards since the launch of FIFA 23 it will be possible to complete the SBC’s using cards already in Ultimate Team clubs. Players also receive the bonus of a small gold players pack and a jumbo premium gold pack which could further pad Ultimate Team squads. Due to the drop in prices of players on the market 84 and 85-rated cards can be purchased for just a few thousand coins each and will make up the majority of the SBC squads needed.

With basically no requirements this is an SBC that all FIFA 23 players should be able to complete. The Newcastle star might not be able to match the best players in FIFA 23, but the upgraded promotional card has a lot to offer. Almiron’s is one of the most straightforward Player Of The Month SBC’s in FIFA 23 to complete this year, but it is worth doing for a big upgrade and one which is useable in Premier League-based teams.

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