FIFA 23 leak hints at Nicolas Otamendi coming as TOTY Honorable Mentions objective

Arlo Gibbons
Arlo Gibbons
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Honorable Mentions is the next chapter of the FIFA 23 TOTY promo, and Nicolas Otamendi is rumored to appear as an objective. Last night, FUT Sheriff posted the information on their social media accounts. The latest leak comes amidst high-profile leaks that have been doing the rounds since the previous evening.

The TOTY promo tends to be the most exciting time of the year, as EA Sports releases some amazing cards. These belong to the best performers from the World of football in a given year, and 2022 had many contenders. However, the spaces are limited, so some candidates missed out quite narrowly.

They will now be presented as Honorable Mentions and are likely to appear on Friday when it goes live. Most cards will be available in packs, which will require plenty of luck on the part of FIFA 23’s players. Thankfully, it seems Otamendi will be introduced as an objective, which will be good news for those who don’t have many coins.

Nicolas Otamendi’s TOTY Honorable Mentions card could be a useful addition for FIFA 23’s beginners

The USP of objective cards tends to be how easy they are to get compared to other items. Most don’t require players to spend any coins, and all they have to do is meet the associated conditions. While completing them does require time, FIFA 23 players can save their coins.

Nicolas Otamendi has had a revival of sorts since moving to Benfica and was one of the best footballers in the Liga NOS. He coupled it with brilliant performances for Argentina, with a successful World Cup campaign. Some did feel that he deserved a spot on the starting XI, but players will have to settle for his card as part of the TOTY Honorable Mentions.

It remains to be seen what kind of tasks will be associated with the objectives, and it will determine how hard it will be to get Otamendi’s card. Moreover, objectives have involved different kinds of matches, so that’s something FIFA 23 players will also have to discover.

Some stunning items are expected to appear in the upcoming days as part of the TOTY Honorable Mentions. The likes of Joao Cancelo, Harry Kane, and more are set to feature among the list of cards, and all of them come with boosts to stats and overalls.

Additionally, more special items like TOTY icons, World Cup Honorable Mentions, and more are currently available in Ultimate Team. Some are in the packs, while others are part of SBC and objective rewards.

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