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Kacper Wilkins
Kacper Wilkins
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“The stats have changed this season compared to the norm, with away form compared to home form – not just for us but for a lot of teams,” said Dyche.

“Often I talk about the margins and how tight they are. We’ve had a run of draws at home, particularly, and that can happen.

“On the other hand, our away form has been very strong, judging by our standards in the Premier League, which is not easy.

“These are all things that will iron themselves out when fans do come back in. Are the home fans going to give an edge to performances?

“I think in our case they will. I think our home fans over the years I’ve been here have found that real energy for the side and that real positivity.”

The Clarets will welcome back supporters for the first time in over a year due to the pandemic when a proportion are allowed back to Turf Moor – free of charge – for the final home game of the season against Liverpool on Wednesday 19 May.

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