Allan McGregor is keeping Rangers' invincible dream alive

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You can have whatever opinion you want about Scottish football, but until your national game gets the words ‘jobby’ and ‘shagger’ trending in the UK within days of each other, you can keep it to yourself.

Both of these, incidentally, involve Hamilton Academical.

One because their club commentator went into a little bit too much info about his half-time toilet break; the other because Allan McGregor single-handedly kept Rangers’ undefeated record alive at their expense on Sunday afternoon.

The experienced keeper earned his nickname through antics we won’t get into, but rest assured it is a term of endearment levelled towards a player who has more than earned the affection of his fanbase.

‘Greegsy’ (another pseudonym) is now 39 and approaching 400 Rangers appearances, but is showing no signs of winding down as he approaches the fourth league title of his career.

He hasn’t had to be busy this season – the defence in front of him is one of the best in the UK on form and had conceded just seven goals this season heading into Sunday’s encounter at the Fountain of Youth Stadium – but every now and again he pops up with a show-stopping, shot-stopping masterclass that reminds us that Gianluigi Buffon isn’t so unique after all.

The Ibrox side dropped points for just the fourth time this season away to Accies, but it would certainly have been a first league defeat of the season if not for their last line of defence.

McGregor was faced with seven shots, and repelled all but one, with his resistance finally broken by Ross Callachan with the last kick of the ball.

By the time the excruciating equaliser crept over the line, Shagger McGregor had flown off his line to prevent the debuting Bruce Anderson, displaying the sort of pace and agility that a goalkeeper approaching 40 should only be able to dream of.

He’d denied Scott McMann a goal at his feet before getting up and carting himself to the other side of the goal to deny Callachan. He denied Anderson (again) with an instinctive stop at his near post, and was only finally undone when he had turned away a third effort by the striker, only for the rebound to be converted at the back post.

It may take the Europa League for us to start seeing McGregor at his best on a regular basis again. In most games in the Premiership this season, he is limited to just a few crosses and the odd routine catch.

But displays like this remind us what he is all about, and why, in the 20th season of his professional career, he is just as important to Rangers’ ambitions as he has ever been.

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