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Over 51,500 tickets sold for the FC Barcelona v Manchester City ALS charity match

The Spotify Camp Nou is set to provide a fitting stage for more than just a friendly match on Wednesday 24 August. At 9.30pm CEST, FC Barcelona and Manchester City will take to the field to play a charity match for a cause promoted by former keeper and coach, Juan Carlos Unzué, who was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) over two years ago. Tickets went on sale in June and over 51,500 have been sold to date. 

The match between the sides coached by Xavi and Guardiola promises to be a real sporting spectacle. However, the desire to support Unzué in his cause is the main attraction, enabling him to use his position to raise awareness about ALS and the situation of others with the condition, creating events with the potential to raise money. As such, the primary aim is to fill the Spotify Camp Nou on August 24 and raise the highest amount possible to aid the fight against ALS.

Fundación Luzón to receive the proceeds from the game

Francisco Luzón was diagnosed with ALS in 2014, leading him to create Fundación Luzón with the purpose of helping to find a cure for this terrible disease, bringing together every party involved in the goal. Francisco Luzón’s widow, María José Arregui, is the executive president of the foundation, an independent not-for-profit organisation working to obtain funding to invest in research and improve the quality of life of people with ALS and their families, alongside patient associations, investigators, and social and healthcare professionals. Fundación Luzón aims to raise awareness about ALS among society to draw attention to the disease, reduce diagnostic times, improve medical treatment and social and healthcare quality, and fund research into finding a cure.

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