FPL: Best and Worst Performers of Gameweek 4

After a long wait for Gameweek 4 due to the international break, it has now wrapped up. Results-wise, the only major shock was Crystal Palace’s demolition of Tottenham. On the other hand, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea all strengthened their case for the league title.

Now we will look at the FPL’s best 3 and worst 3 performers of GW4, and what we should do with these assets – buy, sell, or otherwise keep on the bench.

Best FPL Performers of GW4:

Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) – £12.5m

Cristiano Ronaldo’s second debut for Manchester United failed to disappoint. The Portuguese international managed to return 2 goals as United hosted Newcastle – which Ronaldo admitted himself was above his expectations for this week.

FPL-wise, Ronaldo earned himself 13 points – including the maximum 3 bonus points. This was the equal highest points tally of any player in Gameweek 4. Ronaldo also managed to get his high volume of shots in, registering 6 shots in the game – proving those 2 goals were by no means lucky.

So you may ask, what should I do if I do not have Ronaldo? In short, you should find a way to bring him in – without completely damaging your team structure of course. With West Ham, Aston Villa, and Everton in the next 3 fixtures, Ronaldo can do even more damage.

Despite not being the easiest fixtures possible, Ronaldo is very accustomed to competing at the highest level, so these teams should not trouble him. As a result, going without CR7 poses a significant risk.

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