Fantasy Premier League tips: What are the wildcard and free hit options? Who are the top FPL point scorers so far?

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Thankfully, the FPL offer a range of ways in which you can give your fantasy squad an early season makeover.

The first month of the Premier League has seen some exhilarating performances already. Photo credit: Getty Images/Michael Regan Getty Images/PA Wire.

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What is the FPL wildcard and when can I use it?

The wildcard option is very popular with FPL manager as it allows you to make unlimited free transfers, which essentially allow you to rip up your under-performing squad and start again.

The wildcard is available twice a season – once in the first half of the campaign and then again in the second half of the season.

While there’s no need to rush to use it unless necessary, it is worth noting your first wildcard must be used by December 28, the second wildcard will be available when the first expires and is available until the end of the season.

What is the FPL free hit and when can I use it?

The free hit option is almost identical to the wildcard – with one very big difference.

If you’re not sure you want to make wholesale changes to your squad permanently, but your squad needs a serious boost to climb the league table, then free hit may be your best option.

By using the option, you will be able to make unlimited free transfers, although the changes will only last for one week before reverting to your original squad, as opposed to a permanent change you get with the wildcard.

Who are the FPL top point scorers so far?

Wanting to use your free hit or wildcard? Need some inspiration for who to include? Then take a look at which Premier League stars have tallied the most points so far.

Michael Antonio – Forward, West Ham United (39 points)

The Jamaican striker has had a phenomenal start to the season, scoring a goal per game and becoming the Hammers all-time top scorer in the process.

Costing just £7.9 million, the 31-year-old is well worth adding to your squad, though it’s worth waiting until September 25 – when he returns from suspension after his red card last week.

Mo Salah – Midfield, Liverpool (38 points)

Overlooked by some managers due to being the joint most expensive player in the game, the Egyptian strikers continues to show he’s most definitely worth shelling out on.

He’s just surpassed 100 Premier League goals and, considering he’s bizarrely listed as a midfielder in the FPL, he really should be added into your squad if you want guaranteed points.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – Defender, Liverpool (34 points)

The dead ball expert has put the disappointment of missing Euro 2020 with injury behind him with an outstanding first month of the season at Anfield. A key player at both international and club level for years to come, the 22-year-old is showing his worth with a number of impressive displays.

Talented beyond his years, TAA has gravitated between full back and midfield so far, and is finding success for Jurgen Klopp’s side in both roles.

Paul Pogba – Midfielder, Manchester United (31 points)

While Graeme Souness is likely to disagree, the £96 million signing from Juventus has been world class for the Red Devils so far this season, turning into an assistant machine for a revamped Old Trafford squad that has been bolstered by the additions of Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Far from expensive, the World Cup winner is a bit of bargain on current form, costing just £7.7 million.

Mason Greenwood – Midfielder, Manchester United (31 points)

Similar to his England team mate Trent Alexander-Arnold, the Red Devils winger has put the disappointed of missing the European Championships behind him and starting the season in scintillating form.

He’s already got three goals in this campaign and seems to be revelling in the challenge of playing alongside United’s big summer signings. He’s another absolute bargain, coming in at just £7.7 million.

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